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1. Definition of basics

- Clarification of terms of reference with the client
- Analysis of building inventory
- Docomentation of existing damage
- Laboratory analysis of harmful substances
- Structural engineering assessment of individual building components with respect to bearing
- Determination of building material rating, e. g. weldability of steels or destruction level of masonry,
  concrete and in particular wood components
- Recording technical condition of supply and waste water pipes and other technical equipment
  such as air-conditioning equipment, escalators, lifts, etc.

2. Determination and evaluation of government requirements

- In Europe: integration of the authorities for the protection of monuments

3. Restoration concept

- Evaluation of existing inventory documents such as drawings, structural engineering calculations,
- Drawing up different restoration alternatives taking account of:
  architecture * structural engineering * domestic engineering * infrastructure
- Drawing up proposals for compliance with fire, noise, heat and cold insulation
- Clarification with the client and defining the required quality standard for restoration
- Preparation of an initial cost estimate for the individual restoration alternatives with feasibility
- Calculation of profitability with calculation of building value before and after restoration
- Analysis of infrastructure, domestic engineering equipment, escape routes, parking spaces,
  property development
- Water supply pipes
- Waste water
- Gas
- Electricity

4. Design and implementation planning

- Specification of building materials to be used
- Definition of technical procedures to be used
- Preparation of schedules for the individual alternatives and graphic presentation
- Preparation of architectonic planning of principles with use of space and colour planning
- Preparation of structural engineering calculations
- Consideration of energy industry interests
- Heat recovery, building ventilation, generation of energy
- Complete graphic presentation of the property
- Detailed planning with preparation of corresponding graphic presentation
- If necessary, obtaining official permission incl. consideration of the requirements of protection
  of monuments
- Preparation of a cost estimate for the capital to be used for the individual alternatives

5. Building procedures

- Preparation of specifications for the individual measures to be implemented
- Computation of quantities
- Survey of costs of the companies involved in the restoration
- Preparation of price survey
- Drawing up calculation of costs

6. Building management

- Drawing up schedule for restoration measures with flow chart
- Cost planning, when client must pay which payments

- Quality management with
  - definition of quality standards
  - inspection of individual work stages
  - documentation of quality control
- Compilation of property documentation with
  - quality control pages
  - drawings
  - Structural engineering calculations